Name: Pepper

Species: red crowned Kakariki

Reference No: PP510


Hello my name's Pepper and I'm a red crowned Kakariki.
I came into Problem Parrots as an unwanted pet, I don't know why because I'm a good little bird if you'll give me a chance.
I'm quite shy but I'm getting better with people I'm just a bit wary of hands but I'm sure I can learn to trust you in time.
I really love food and I'm not afraid to try new things I just stick my head straight in the dish to see what's in there. My favorite is Pomegranate, sweetcorn and sugar snap peas. I like Tidy mix parakeet seed and I dig in my food dish to find the best bits to eat first.
I would like to find a forever home with other little birds like me, I seem to like company of others but there are only big birds at my safe house. I'm not shy with them though and I go on their cages to hang out with them. I really enjoying coming out of my cage to play! I'm nosey and like to explore everywhere. When it's time to go back in my cage I can easily be tempted with a treat in my dish. I like to play with toys and paper shredding to keep me busy.
I will need a new cage because mine was far too small and I've borrowed a cage for now, my tail is a bit scruffy because I kept catching it on the bars. So I'd like a bigger cage to play in please. I'm not noisy but I like to call to you when my food is coming and when it's time to come out. I've recently learnt to say 'hello'.
Could you be my forever home?
Pepper x

Location: Preston

The ad option fee is: £0

Age :  years old

Comes with cage? No

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