Name: Nikki

Species: Ducorps Cockatoo

Reference No: PP567

Description: Nikki - is a very special bird. She came to us from another safe house because she was a screamer. Her original reason for coming into problem Parrots is because she screams. However at our home, she hasn’t screamed, only said hello, and made a super special chicken noise lol. Her feathers are not in the best condition at all. Some of tail feathers are snapped and she has snipped at her wing feathers, she is currently on riodite herbs, heartache and stress mixture and digestive mixture. She is very rarely in her cage which is fair too small for her, she only goes in, at bedtime or if we are out, she plays with her toys but her favourite thing is to sit on your shoulder or snuggle down in the crux of your arm and look like a chicken lol. Nikki doesn’t step up in the conventional method, we lean forward to her cage and she happily steps onto our shoulder.
As far as spraying goes, nikki is petrified of any bottle that sprays. When I clean her cage she has to be away from it, she starts to panic the minute she sees the f10 bottle, to shower her, I put her in a travel cage and put her in a gentle shower. 
Nikki doesn’t tolerate children at all, if they try and stroke her she does bite, she doesn’t like them at all.
She is happier with the birds in my home, she is quite happy to sit on my knee or chest with Molly sitting on my shoulder or arm, she doesn’t attempt to bite her but she doesn’t attempt to interact either. She is a very inquisitive bird, will come off her cage and wander around the sideboard in my house, nikki due to poor wing muscles cannot fly, we are working on building those muscles up by encouraging her to flap her wings. She is an absolute delight. Not very noisy at all, is on a diet of fresh veggies and pastas/grains/sprouting seeds etc, with a daily feed of tidy mix, she gets a steady mix of the above throughout the day then in the evening she gets her tidymix. She likes a bit of gluten free quinoa toast spread with palm oil as a treat bless her. She throws her bowl when it is empty lol. She makes me giggle. An absolutely adorable chicken who will make a lovely companion for any forever home. Happy to cuddle both women and men.


Location: Norwich

The ad option fee is: £200

Age :  years old

Comes with cage? Yes

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