George and Lilly


George and lilly





Name: George and Lilly

Species: Senegal Parrots

Reference No: PP565

Description:Hello our names are George and Lily we are Senegals currently in sh, we have been told we are very pretty babies,  we are a bonded pair,  we are very good eaters and are on pellet,  sh mum makes us all sorts to try and so far we eat anything,  when it comes to coming out of our cage we are a little scared ( but this will pass)  at the moment we step up on a stick,  me (George)  will step up without stick and I will sit on shoulder but only until my mate Lily calls then I'm back to her,  she is a little bit more timid than me but we don't bite our sh is spending time with us and teaching us not to be scared,  we will even let you in our cage without any fuss,  all we want is someone who will love us for keeps

Location: Peterbourgh

The adoption fee is: £150

Age :   

Comes with cage? Yes

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