Name: Diesel

Species: Green cheek conure

Reference No: PP412

Description:Hi my names's Diesel. I'm a Green Cheeked Conure approximately 10 years of age and I think I'm a boy. I like coming out of my cage on my own terms. Some days I'm shy and tired and decide to stay in my cage. I love my Scarlets seed, fresh fruit, vegetables and daily baths in my water dish. I love grapes and I will eat from your hand. My bad point is that I bite. Sometimes quite hard. Sometimes I do it when I'm scared but mostly because you have fingers (or a face I'm n...ot fussy) When I bite I need to go in my cage and be left alone for a while. Eventually I'll learn that if I bite, then playtime's over and no more treats. I like women, men but I think I prefer older children the best. I've given up biting my Foster brother, Will because he talks to me the most. I've learned to say "Hello" and "What are you doing" in time I'll learn "That's nice" I don't really like being caught in the blanket, you'll have to tire me out first before I'll let you do my pin feathers, which need doing every few weeks because they're really itchy where I can't get to them on my head. I'll try not to bite you when you're doing it. I like being tickled really. My Foster family have fallen in love with me and would keep me permanently, but I pretend not to like them, so I'm looking for someone to adopt me and give me a permanent, loving and caring, life long home. I'm funny and cheeky and love head bobbing, whistling and dancing. I will step-up, stand or your shoulder or your head, I love playing with my Foster Mum's long hair, but after a time and on my terms. I need to know I can trust you and I don't trust easily. Some days my Foster Mum will be my go to person, others my Foster Dad, but mostly Will. I'm indecisive at the beginning. 

Location: Coventry

The adoption fee is: £100

Age :   8 years old

Comes with cage? Yes

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