Frankie and Kiki


Frankie and kiki are in the process of being adopted 

Name: Frankie and Kiki

Species: Orange Winged Amazon & Patagonian Conure

Reference No: PP155, PP156

Description: Hi my names Kiki and I'm a Patagonian Conure and I live (in separate cages) with my mate Frankie an Orange Winged Amazon.
So let me tell you about Frankie & I ... Well I'm starting with myself because I'm more beautiful than Frankie haha! I used to pluck but the last few weeks I've let my feathers grow so I'm looking good and ready to be loved. I will take tickles with some coaching but I know with time I'll be cool with you always giving me tickles cause actually I love it (my safe house mum gives me kisses on my head) I can be a little nosiy at times but I do talk a little especially laugh at you haha - I will take food off you and I LOVE my food hmmmm,
So that's enough about me let me tell you about my mate Frankie (volins coming out I see when I tell you about him haha)
Frankie has mobility issues (told volins) and has a deformed hip & wonky legs but doesn't stop him getting around the cage (flat wider perches are best for him) and he's like a hoover on the floor as he can't really fly haha Frankie can be a bit gobby when you give him a head scratch but he's all mouth & no action.
So Frankie & I are a pair and we are no trouble at all as long we have the freedom to come out of our cages we are really happy - I will go in my cage when told but Frankie is a little stubborn so you may need a blanket to scoop him up.
We are both on Zupreem fruit mix with fruit / veg /,soaking beans etc etc and we eat the lot haha (Frankie needs he's chopped up smaller as he can't balance on one foot to hold his food) we come in a cage each and have toys but never say no to.more toys.
Surely there's someone out there who will love us for who we are, we are no trouble and not demanding birds but just want a chance with someone who will love us. Pkease , please we so want a home to call our home love Kiki & Frankie xxx


Location: Tamworth

The adoption fee is: £200

Age : 

Comes with cage? Yes x 2

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