Name: Bentley

Species: Alexandrine Parrot

Reference No:PP

Description: Hello my name is Bentley and I'm 4 yrs old. I am in the process of being converted onto a better diet and it's going well, I am now beginning to eat chop and beaphar pellets I like it when they are mixed together. I love fruit and get fed as 30 seed. I like to try and bath in my water bowl and although don't love a shower will tolerate one. I don't come out my cage often but when I do I need to be able to go in when I'm ready and not when you need me to, I need a home where I can have my cage open all day and can come and go as I please I am a good flyer when i do come out. I love to chew and love toys so get loads in for when I arrive! Wood and loofah toys are my favourite. I am not cuddly tame and am hand shy but I love interaction with you. I will whistle and make lovely sounds and love it when you do them back, I respond really well to praise. My sh mum has been working with me to become target trained, this is going really well and I look forward to this everyday I get really excited when I know it's coming. I am in the early stages and it's great fun for me I love being told I'm a good boy cause I am! Hopefully my new home will be happy to continue training with me cause my sh mum is pretty confident in time I can be taught to step up. I like to have other birds around me so would be great to have birdie company. I am very gentle and have not shown any aggression am just a sweet guy who needs time and lots of love :)

Location: Tredegar

The adoption fee is: £100

Age :  4 years old

Comes with cage? no

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