Name: Bentley

Species: Alexandrine Parrot

Reference No:PP

Description: Hello!! I'm Bentley, I'm a 4 year old Alexandrine Parrot. I have been with my safe house family for about 4 weeks now. My safe house Mummy isn't my favourite person as she is changing my diet, I am now on tidymix seed. She's trying me with these Pellets but I refuse to eat them and throw them around my cage. I love my vegetables and fruit, especially orange and blueberries. I am not totally keen on coming out of my cage, as I'm not used to it, but with lots of encouragement I've been out a few times and I have really enjoyed flying around and my favourite place seems to be on top of the curtain pole. But I struggle to then find my way back to my cage. I don't step up, I don't like hands. I will allow my food and water bowls to be taken out and put back in again, I scramble to the back of my cage. I make some beautiful sounds and as you can see I am such a handsome chap.

Location: Exeter

The adoption fee is: £100

Age :  4 years old

Comes with cage? Yes

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