Lucky is in the process of being adopted  



Name: Lucky

 Species: Alexandrine parrot


Reference No: PP557


I'm an Alexandrine and my safehouse Dad has called me Lucky. I love my fruit - grapes, apples and especially especially almonds as they're my favourites. I'm eating pretty bird at the moment and am not particularly fussy. I'm a quiet bird and have quite an array of tunes I sing and love being handled by all members of the family. I'm great with kids and the safehouse little people (3 and 18 months) love talking to me and I'll sit with them for a little while. I like being out of my cage and love flying from my cage to the other cage of my neighbour to say hello. This bird is suitable for a family, single people and doesn't have a favourite within the family.  It's used to dogs, cats and other birds and is a lovely little one. 

 Location: Doveridge

Comes with cage: No

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