Name: Alfie

Species:  Galah Cockatoo

Reference No: PP

Age: 3 Years


Hello my name is Alfie, and I will remind you off my name, as I can say it, quite a lot, I am on TidyMix, not to keen on Chop, but do like Grapes, Apples and berries, I am a little hand shy at first, but soon step up and I love to have my head scratched, I also love showers, and all water, I am not a noisy bird, and go to bed at 9pm, I am a mans bird, not too keen on women and little people, I also donot like four legged creatures, and I will let you know I donot like them, I come with my carrier, large cage with blackout cover, and bird stand, and my toys and perches, I also love to sit on the back of the sofa or cuddle up under your arm, my safehouse Daddies say I am the perfect bird and I am only a baby of 3 years old, so will only get better.


Location: Oxford

Comes with cage: Yes

My adoption fee is £200

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