Coco & Lols


 coco and lols




Name: Coco and Lols

Species: Orange Winged Amazons


Reference No: PP29, PP30

Description : We are Coco and Lola. We are a bonded pair and love each other very much. We enjoy spending our time cuddling up together. we do have our arguments but we soon make up with more cuddles. We can be quite chatty, We do like to sit on top of the cage we don't like to fly very much, Lola doesn't mind stepping up onto your finger and having a little tickle but coco has just started to step up slowly but he doesn't stay for very long he like to sit on top of his cage an has a little tickle, coco now and then tends to have a little nibble as he's a little more nervous due to previous owners, Our safe house has tried to help us become less hand shy but because we are a bonded pair we prefer each other's company, we love all kinds of fruit there favourite is apples and grapes, we eat all kinds of veggies,  we are on AS30 seeads, Hagen tropican pallets and garlic sticks,


Location: Stoke on trent

Adoption Fee: £150

Comes with cage: Yes but we will need a new one

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