Name: Rio

Species: Blue and Gold macaw

Age: 8 years

Reference No:PP534

Location: Cannock

Description Hi folks my names Rio, im a lovely 8 year old blue and gold if i do say so myself. I may have not had the best start in life but i now have lots of love to give to my new adoptive mommy. I say mommy as i am a bit nervous of the men folk so you have to keep your distance. My foster mom says i have got a bit of a nasty mouth and i do swear and tell myself off ALOT.I step up well on my terms but you will need to be able to read me well as i am what my mom calls a "swiper", but i dont mean it, i think its just emotional self defence. I do scream like every big bird does but will shout at myself to "shut up" as soon as i start. Fuss is not something im fond of and will tell you off if you try to touch me but im sure i will learn to trust again in time. I have learnt to love having a wash in my current home as i have had MANY, i came into the charity a little grotty but now my feathers are lovely my foster mom tells me. My safehouse mom has also taught me to wear a parrot lead thing... im not too sure about it but when its on i will go out in the fresh air. Now them small human folk i have only seen a few in the short time i have been here and have not yet made my mind up about them. Due to my nervous disposition i need a calm home and i dont really want to share attention with too many other featured folk. Now my diet has also improved and i love most things i'm given including fruit and veg but my all time favourite is a walnut. I will do nearly anything for one of these. The cage i came with was a bit grotty and a little bit too small so I have borrowed a bigger one for now but my new mommy will need to buy me one to call my own. I will also need a MASSIVE supply of toys as I do like to kill mine very quickly. So if you feel you can offer me an amazin forever home please contact us.



The adoption fee is: £250

Comes with cage? No

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If you think you could offer a loving home please contact rThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.