Name: Charlie

Species: African Grey

Reference No:PP452


Hello, I’m Charlie – a beautiful Congo African Grey and I’m around 35 years young.

I’m currently in a safehouse but spent the whole of my previous life with a family who loved me. Sadly my Daddy died and the family decided I would get more attention from someone who has plenty of time to spend with me.

I’m not used to being handled and am a little worried about hands but I step up onto a perch very nicely when asked and like scritches through the bars of my cage where I feel a bit safer. I’m sure if you are patient with me I’ll grow to be much more confident.

I like to be out of my cage for most of the day; I love my football and am very happy pushing it around the floor. I don’t fly but am great at climbing and chewing – lots of shreddable toys keep my beak busy. I’m a bit of a show off and like making people laugh, I make an excellent companion if I do say so myself.

I haven’t screamed at all in my safehouse, I’ve got a large repertoire of words, sounds and whistles although some of my words are a little rude especially when my safehouse Mummy is on the phone!  I’m exceptionally bright and pick new things up very quickly. 

I love my food; my diet hasn’t been varied up until now but I try everything I’m offered. I’m on Tidymix and in time I might even make it onto pellets. My favourite vegetables so far are warm sweet potato mash and carrots – I’m flinging what I don’t like back at my safehouse Mummy and she’s getting good at ducking!! Nutriberries are going down very well too so these will need to be added to the shopping list.

My Daddy was my best friend so I would really prefer a male carer long term. I will need a nice large new cage with lots of toys and perches and I will bring my toys which are precious to me including my beloved football.

Location: Rhyl

My adoption fee £0

Cage No

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