Name: JoJo

Species: Conga african grey

Reference number: PP516


Hello, my name is JoJo I am a Congo African grey and I'm approx 8-9 years old let me tell you a bit about myself, I am a plucker and have nearly plucked all of my feathers out but I do have new pins coming through and since I've been with my safe house mommy the plucking has become less and less and with the help of the UV light (will need one on for maximum time allowed) I'm hoping my feathers will start to grow back. My right leg is deformed which does give me limitations when walking it is a struggle, I can climb around my cage and outside my cage easily but will need varied perches to help me and give me that little bit of support. I am very cage aggressive but will let you clean my cage out and change food with the occasional tug of your hair if you get to close to me. I prefer to come out of my cage when I am the only one out I have just started to venture out on top but I also like to stand on the perch which is on my door which my safe house mommy leaves open for me I also have a bowl which is filled with foot toys and blocks which I enjoy chewing and throwing about. I do like my toys especially my homemade cardboard/paper toys I love to tear them apart I also like catalogues paper plates which I just spent my time ripping apart, I love my foot toys also. I am on tidymix which I enjoy, I love my grapes and walnuts as well. I'm not to sure about different fruits but will try little bits and I won't eat any vegetables but my safehouse mommy keeps trying me in the hope I will try them and find some more foods I may like. I am not sure if I prefer women or men as I am the same with both I can bite when out as I am a nervous boy who gets stressed very easily but I will step up with a bit of persuasion usually on a towel over my safe house mommy's arm so I have a better grip. I do swear a lot but I am a very good talker saying lots of words and sentences and picking up new ones daily so maybe in time these naughty words can be phased out. Overall I think JoJo needs to be with an experienced grey owner who has a lot of time for me and will be able to gain his trust with lots of time out of cage when he feels confident to come out  a quiet home is needed and preferably a home with either one other bird or on my own as he's not to keen on leaving his cage whilst other birds are out.

Location:Wednesbury, Midlands

The adoption fee is: £0

Age : 8/9Yrs

Comes with cage : Yes

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