Name: Ollie

Species: Senegal Parrot

Reference number: PP561

Description: Hello ladies and especially, gentlemen!
My name is Ollie and i'm a beautiful little Senegal Parrot. I lived with my previous daddy for 20 years and he assumed i'm a lady . I came to my safehouse daddy eating standard petshop parrot seed but i'm now being converted to a much healthier seed based diet (AS30). I've not been here very long, but in this short period of time i've been trying lots of new fruits and vegetables and I especially seem to enjoy peas, corn and apples. I also love to chew my willow sticks and pine cones, as well as shredding my cage papers. As I loved my previous daddy very much and have only recently moved to my safehouse,  I'm still a little shy with new people and can nip, although I'm certainly progressing and love to have my head tickled by my safe house daddy. I do step up once you earn my trust (until then I step up on a perch for you) and I always greet you with an array of lovely whistles. I love to come out of my cage and march about on top of my cage, as well as exploring my daddies conservatory and when its time to go to bed I will either step up on your hand (if I trust you) or step up onto a stick (if I'm still getting to know you). My safehouse daddies also have some other slightly larger parrots, of which I'm very curious of but sadly they don't want to be my friend, so with this in mind, other birds in your home shouldn't be a problem given caution and supervision. Given my sassy nature when I'm unsure of new people and my preference for men, a calmer home with a male caregiver would be most suitable.



Location: Manchester

The adoption fee is: £100

Age :

Comes with cage : Yes

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