Cara is in the process of being adopted  

Name: Cara

Species: Orange Wing Amazon

Reference number: PP

Description: Hello, I'm Cara and I'm a 13 year old Orange Wing Amazon. I have been staying with my Safe House family for a few weeks now and historically I didn't like women, however, as my safe house Mum is my main care giver, and I have given her absolutely no issues whatsoever or shown any aggression to her, she thinks that with time, I will be accepting of my new family. There are 2 children in the house I am staying in and cats and a dog and these don't seem to bother me, however I am not out when the youngest child (toddler) and animals are around. Previously in my home I was fed a very poor diet and therefore my feathers are dull, but they are getting brighter, and I am now eating AS30 and healthy fruit and vegetables. I like to eat at the same time as the family, otherwise I'm known to scream. I am getting used to a twice weekly shower and seem to enjoy these. I do jot come with a cage, so my new family will need to provide one for me. I'm not used to time out of a cage, but I'm loving it, I am able to fly, and currently with my SH family I won't step up, but, again, my SH mama thinks that in time I will do.

Age : 13 Years old

Comes with cage : No

Location: Devon

The adoption fee is: £150

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