Name: Joe

Species: Blue fronted Amazon

Reference number: PP

Description:    Hello everyone my name is Joe, i'm a blue fronted amazon and i'm Dna sexed male. Let me tell you a little bit about myself... I came to my safehouse being a bit of a biter and would lunge at my safehouse mums, as soon as hands came near me i would hide at the back of my cage. Since being here i have learnt that hands aren't so scary and now i am excepting treats inside and when im out of my cage. I haven't stepped up yet but when i find my forever home i will hopefully gain more trust. I'm am currently on AS30 seed and tidy mix, i love banana, apple and some veg and my safehouse mums are offering me food in all different ways to encourage me to try which in time i'm sure I will. I have lots of feathered friends here and love to chat to them all. I love my toys, especially my babble ball and bell and i do a few party tricks which will make you laugh. I don't really have a preference to who i like but i'm still a little bit of a biter and will come to you in my own time. I cant wait to find my forever home!


Location: Essex

The adoption fee is: £150

Age : 

Comes with cage : Yes

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