Below are the profiles for the Problem Parrots welfare organisation's directors, if you have any questions or queries then these are the experts to ask.

A picture of ShellShell: I started to care for parrots when i joined a rescue a few years ago. I was first a safe house and ACO where i gained all my experience working with other ACO's and other people in my area. I then became director and ACO manager for the rescue and began to learn alot more about each type of bird. I have cared for many diffrent types of parrots over the years from birds who just need a bit of love to screamers, pluckers and aggressive birds. I enjoyed every second of it, but i left the rescue to start up problem parrots as i felt if people had more 1-1 support with their problem parrots then there would be no need for birds to be placed into rescues.

I'm owned by a flock of macaws who keep me on my toes.


Hollie: I grew up with small birds, budgies, tiels and lovies, then my auntie bought an african grey when I was a teenager and this was when my love for birds started.

I worked for a rescue as a safehouse and ACO, and have been lucky enough to share my life with a majority of birds from budgies to macaws.

My own birds are all rescues and I'm owned by 2 umbrella cockatoos, 2 senegals, 4 conures, and an indian ringneck.



Steve Steve: I first got into birds when i was very young my grandparents had an aviary full of budgies, cockatiels and rosellas. I was always interested in animals growing up. I owned parrots from my late teens and fell into rescue when i needed a holiday home while i moved home. I have worked for numerous charities over the years and gained lots of valuable experience from different species i have looked after. I have a mix of species here at home from macaws to budgies.