Problem Parrots was established by 3 directors who combined have many years of experience within parrots rescue. 


A picture of ShellShell:

Welcome to problem parrots, I am Shell the charity Media and finance director.

I have been owned by parrots since my husband encouraged me into joining a parrot rescue, so we could offer our home to an African grey. We joined the rescue in 2006 and within my time with them we helped many birds find their new homes. I held many positions from safe house, ACO to rescue manager and director and working alongside some great people to improve my knowledge and experience as a group.

We worked with all birds from budgies to macaws and help overcome many behaviours such as plucking, biting and screaming alongside many health conditions. The best feeling of satisfaction for me is to work with a parrot to overcome behaviours and find their loving homes but also working 1-1 with the owners to support them to work through their problems. I have ventured all over the UK visiting owners and offering my help and experience with hands on training following the theory of applied behaviour analysis.

My experience within the charity had been invaluable and the high of parrots looking for sanctuary within the rescue was alarming to me! The rescue had many amazing members and supported 1000’s or parrots a year but due to the level of parrots needing help there was not much time for 1-1 advice.   

In 2008 myself and 2 other members decided to start a welfare charity with the overall aim of EDUCATION, that would help owners BEFORE the need came to move their loved family parrot out of their home and into rescue as this was not going to be the best for the owner or parrot. This is where Problem Parrots Welfare Organisation came about. The aim is to support birds at home to prevent the need to move into rescues.

I am currently owned by a flock of macaws and they most definitely keep me on my toes. 

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Hollie: I grew up with small birds, budgies, tiels and lovies, then my auntie bought an african grey when I was a teenager and this was when my love for birds started.

I worked for the UK's Largest parrot rescue as a safehouse and then area coordinator. I have been lucky enough to share my life with a variety of species of parrots from budgies to macaws, this has given me lots of valuble hands on experience in changing behaviours that people may face with their birds.

                                                 My role within the charity is Rehoming Director, this gives me the opportunity                                                   to support all of the birds that come into us find their life long adoptive                                                           homes. Seeing the birds safe, happy and thriving in their new familys makes                                                   the job very worth while!

                                                My own birds are all rescues,  I'm owned currently by an umbrella cockatoo,                                                     moluccan cockatoo and a senegal. 


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Steve Steve: I first got into birds when i was very young my grandparents had an aviary full of budgies, cockatiels and rosellas. I was always interested in animals growing up. I owned parrots from my late teens and fell into rescue when i needed a holiday home while i moved home. I have worked for numerous charities over the years and gained lots of valuable experience from different species i have looked after. I have a mix of species here at home from macaws to budgies.