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  • Author gemma critchell / 2015-02-08 20:17:36
  • mrs
  • I want to thank michelle for everything she has done for me and chester my blue and gold macaw before she helped I was very nervous at handling him but michelle was really supported and talked me through it I feel so much more confident and enjoy spending time with chester much more and we have got a good friendship for life also its so nice to known I have got someone to talk to if I even need anything.

  • Author Debbie Simmons / 2015-01-18 15:40:21
  • Thanks from me & Tetley
  • These people are awesome,they helped me when i sadly became ill & was unable to give my Hahns Tetley the time & care she needed,i had had her 9 years & she was my baby.Every step of the way they kept me informed as to how she was doing & found her the perfect loving home she deserves.If it weren't for them i would have had to sell her,but money can't find a loving home,& any parrot owner will understand that is the most important thing.I can't thank you all enough. & i'm sure Tetley feels the same.

  • Author Jayne Smitheram / 2015-01-11 13:22:24 /
  • Thank you
  • I sadly had to rehome Sid my cockatoo as I was moving & I knew he needed to go to someone who understood his needs better than I did. Hollie has been brilliant, talking me through everything. Diane came & collected him and then he went to Hollie and he's now found his forever home! PP are a lovely group of people who put themselves out to help and deserve lots of credit! Thank you & keep up the good work!

  • Author Amanda Rees / 2015-01-11 10:54:59
  • Mrs
  • PP were so supportive and completely understood when I lost my very special parrot, and sent me the most amazing card. Only parrot people will understand when you lose a beloved pet, especially when I had Charlie for over 30 years. Many thanks you guys keep up the great work.

  • Author deb attewell / 2015-01-11 10:28:08
  • Mutilating Milly
  • I joined this fabulous group on Facebook as i had bought a thoroughly miserable Ducorps Cockatoo off gumtree.. last owner sold her instead of getting her to a vet, they have been a lifeline in the stressful treatment and slow rehab of Milly.. I'm certain with the help of her vet and these amazing people that we can get Milly back to full health and the great life i promised her as soon as i saw her. Milly was locked away in a spare room for 3 months as her last owners girlfriend didnt like her , and Milly responded as lots of cockatoos do by plucking every feather from her chest and legs and then biting a hole in her chest.:( this group keeps me sane i think.. ty so much for always being there x