Problem Parrots main aim is to help people with behavioural issues that may occur from time to time.

We strive to do this to prevent more parrots going into rescues as the owners feel they can’t cope. Problem Parrots wants owners to have someone they can turn to and feel supported on a more 1-1 basis, rather than just looking at information on the internet and feeling at a loss when the advice does not work.

During the past 12 months since Problem Parrots have been up and running we have been asked numerous times to take in birds and find them a loving home due to emergencies or they have not got the time to put into training to change the behaviour of their parrot. Due to our main aim we have had to turn these people away and not offer our help but now we have many members we feel we may be able to help more people.

Problem Parrots welfare organisation will offer rehoming as well as our offer to help and support the owners to keep the bird with their owners.

We will also take in birds that have been found and try and find their owners.

We outline our aims but understand sometimes its not possible to help the owners and in these circumstances we will be able to rehome the bird into emergancy homes untill a forever home can be found.

If you would like more information on rehoming or rehoming your bird with us please email
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 0845 838 0874


To adopt one of our birds you need to be a supporter of problem parrots at the cost of £50. This is a life time membership! to become a member please donate using the pay pal link on the right hand side of the screen.