We at Problem Parrots have a wealth of first hand knowledge about what problems you may face with your parrots. We have all worked within parrot rescue organisations and have encountered behaviours like self mutilating, plucking, biting, screaming/demanding. When your parrot starts to display these issues you may look for help and advice but often don’t find what you are looking for and then turn to rescue's so this is where problem parrots can help you

Problem Parrots Welfare Organisation was set up in November 2008. It was set up by 3 directors who had worked in other rescues within the UK at all different levels to gain over 30 years of knowledge and experience between us. We found that due to other rescues being very busy with picking birds up who needed new homes there was no time to help the owners who with a little work could keep their birds at home.

This is where Problem parrots came from. We put our heads together and decided to make a dedicated FREE support group for people who just need extra help or personalised help with their birds to ensure they stay off the rescue merry go round and remain happy and loved at home with the families they know.

Problem Parrots has a group of people who are able to help owners over the phone, by email of even 1-1 visits to see how we can help. Problem Parrots ARE NOT VETS so any medical questions needs to be aimed to your avian vet. We can help with behaviors that are affecting you living as a happy family such as plucking, biting, and screaming.

In 2012 we were being asked to take more and more birds in either from families that we have been working with who just didn’t have the time to give the full commitment or from families who were had emergency situations which meant they could no longer care for their parrot, The problem we found was the birds that came in often needed vet treatment so we felt the need to raise money to help support this.  As a group we decided to register with the charity commission to help this fund raising and give us some legal guidance, this was granted to that charity in late 2013.  

We have set up this site so that we can work with you and the behaviour your parrot is displaying and try and regain a happy home rather than having no one to help you and seeking to hand your bird over to rescues unless you have no other option. 

Although we can offer you help and support with behaviours we are NOT professional consultants nor are we vets, but we have worked for many years with the behaviours you may be experiencing so can offer you real life advice.

So if you have any concerns with regards to your birds health you should consult with your avian vet. A full listing of good avian vets can also be found on this site./p>


Become a supporter 

Problem parrots is a registered charity run completely by volunteers not for profit. We give our time and support for free to any owner who is struggling with their parrots.

Why become a supporter?

If you wish to adopt any of our feathered friends on the rehoming list, then we request that you are a supporter of the charity. To become a supporter is it £50 and this is FOR LIFE!! no yearly fee's unless you want to make a donation to support us. 

Where does your money go?

Your money goes towards the vets bills for birds that come into us needing medical attention. Within problem parrots forum you can log in to see our monthly bank statements as any person donating has the right to see where there money is going!

S0 to become a supporter you can easily do this via the Pay pal button to the right of this screen. 


Thank you for your support

Problem parrots directors.